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Male security zone: rent regulation into the scope of housing regulation

Since June, the district three county issued and implemented the “opinions” on the strengthening of the management of the housing rental market, set up a rental information service center, build housing rental information platform, free of charge to the lessor and the lessee to provide information, to guide the parties to implement housing rental registration system, and provide the contract signed and services such as registration.
Since the founding of the New District, with the influx of foreign units and personnel, new housing rental demand increases, resulting in regional housing rental prices.
Up to now, the new district has checked 9378 rental housing, of which, after April 1st, 1157 new rental. Through the analysis of this part of the housing rental prices, Xiongxian, Anxin County 759 new rental housing, in addition to the individual, the overall price rose slightly compared with last year, commercial housing rents rose an average of 10% to 20%, the residential housing rents rose from 20% to 30%.
Rongcheng County Housing rental prices generally rose. After April 1st 398 housing rental, rent generally increased by 2 year-on-year to 4 times, including commercial housing rental prices rose 2 to 3 times, the residential housing rental prices rose 2 to 4 times. The main cause of the rise, large enterprises accounted for 65 of rental amount of 16.3% in Rongcheng, the rent is higher than the overall market price rose 1.36 to 9.32 times, an average increase of 3.84 times, directly stimulating the housing rental prices.
Reporters also found in the investigation, in the Rongcheng City, the prime rental housing sector, while other regions to be rental housing and many, there are 1684 places for rent, since April 1st has been leased 4.23 times the number.

Glass down, adjust more than single departure

Wednesday, the glass futures prices intraday recovery, the night plate there is a larger callback. Spot, the domestic float glass prices steady, small, stable overall market transactions. North China Shahe Xin Li prices, dealers take goods cautious, inventory increased to 41 thousand. Technical side, the main FG1801 contract high shock adjustment, fell below the 20 day moving average. Operation suggestion: more than one departure.

The prevention of hanging wall rat hole with the two generation of float glass furnace

Most of the domestic hanging wall of hollow rectangular steel tube as a support skeleton hanging wall, the material is Q235 steel, its mechanical properties will be a sharp decline in the high temperature stage, the temperature of furnace wall and hanging part of the space interval of more than 1400 degrees Celsius, so in order to ensure that the hanging wall skeleton has enough strength you must send, wind cooling continuously on the hanging wall of the skeleton. This makes the hanging wall of the temperature inside the kiln temperature space is much lower than the interval (usually hanging wall interior temperature less than 200 degrees Celsius), space furnace pressure and its internal pressure is much higher than the interval (glass melting space pressure micro positive pressure, generally about 5 MPa the hanging wall, the internal pressure is at least higher than furnace space pressure 60 MPa).
Thus, air suspension davit wall because of its structure and working principle will inevitably result in working condition, the internal temperature of glass melting part of the section there is a huge difference, the internal pressure in the same glass furnace melting section also has the huge pressure difference. Because the melting of hanging wall space and huge interior space temperature difference and pressure difference exists, once the refractory material package hanging wall appears cracks or holes to allow two working space there is a great difference between the similarities, is bound to cause the channel outlet connecting the two empty space appears severe cyclone flow. At high temperature above 1400 DEG C and a large amount of alkali vapor exists, the swirling flow will be at the center of the through cracks or small holes, producing very large corrosion damage to the surrounding refractory. At present, the domestic mainstream configuration mostly choose the hanging wall hanging wall brick as the straight section of brick, brick of the acidic material if there is a space with high temperature alkali steam swirling under the corrosion will be more serious. So the general saw hanging wall appears almost all holes in the straight wall section of the siliceous material hanging wall part. The principle of the hanging wall cyclone is shown in Figure 2 and the rat view of the hanging wall 3.

Elementary introduction to the characteristics of three different transmissivity of float glass!

As everyone knows, the ordinary white glass is mainly used in the construction field, but also many domestic float line’s flagship product, the characteristics of products for the glass transmittance at 67% ~ 89% (the value changes with the change of the thickness of the glass), the iron content is about 1000ppm; while the ultra white glass is a kind of transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transparent glass; it is a kind of new high-grade glass with high quality and multi-function, the transmittance is generally above 91.5%, iron content is generally below 150ppm; this paper mentioned high white glass is a kind of common white. White glass between varieties, the transmittance of general control in 89.5% ~ 91.5%, iron content control in 200 ~ 400ppm, its use is used to processing into products of glass, to meet the market requirements of the decoration.
Process characteristics of 1 and three different transmittance glass
The process control of glass products with different transmissivity is determined by its technological characteristics. The following are the contrast of white glass, high white glass and ultra white glass glass:
The maximum difference between the three different transmittance glass is Fe2O3 content is different, and the difference is large, Fe2O3 content of ultra white glass is about 8 times of ultra white glass, high white glass is 2~3 times of ultra white glass. In three different varieties of glass transmittance when switching between the main consideration to the Fe2O3 content changes affect the diathermancy of glass, will affect the heat transfer in the melting process of different glass heating, the furnace temperature of glass liquid in the transverse gradient and vertical gradient changes, which will affect the return the whole furnace molten glass, which caused some impact on the glass quality. Therefore, in general from the white glass switching high white glass, high white glass from the switch to the ultra white glass, to develop the process control system and process based on the glass transcalent, and corrected in the implementation process, in order to get the quality of glass melting, to meet the needs of users.

The magical function of double glazing

We know that there are three forms of heat transfer in Physics: convection, conduction, and radiation. The hot air rises, the cold air drops, and the temperature flows evenly through the circulation. This process is heat convection. Put one end of the metal spoon in hot water and expose the other end of the hot water to heat up. This is heat conduction. An object has the power to emit energy outward because of its temperature. It is called thermal radiation, such as the heat of the sun, which is transmitted to the earth in the form of heat radiation.
We often feel heat conduction in our daily life. Heat transfer in ordinary buildings is done mainly through doors and windows. The sunlight enters the room through the glass window, the room temperature will rise, and the air conditioner in the air conditioning room will blow through the door outside.
Double glazed energy-saving principle is this: two pieces of glass inlay in the framework, the gap filled with air or argon and other non-toxic gas. Since the molecular density of air layer is much smaller than the molecular glass, and there is no direct contact between the inner and outer layer of glass, when the glass and air molecules to form energy transport, transport energy is air layer discount, inner surface plus double glazing gap is coated with a film of anti radiation layer, which can effectively block thermal radiation.
Therefore, double glazing greatly obstruct the heat transmission, can prevent the outdoor summer heat in the winter, indoor heat can prevent overflow outside, making the building warm in winter and cool in summer, so as to achieve efficient energy-saving effect.

Doors and windows enterprises have five bad habits need to change

A, and enterprises without commanders
“Got a hard to find.” This is a Chinese saying, is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. Your business is big, 1 hundred million, 1 billion, even tens of billions of dollars, but if you can not find the general can be used, it is not far from the failure.
At the time of the Three Kingdoms, the story of “no generals in the Shu and Liao Dynasty as pioneers” was spreading among many small and medium enterprises in china. Many bosses are complacent that they are young and competent, but do not know that they have become a big obstacle to business development.
Because such doors and windows boss, although the ability is very strong, but in the absence of generals, often clear strategy, tactical mistakes. Even more frightening is that in such enterprises, like the time no one doubts like Zhuge Kongming, the boss will become the development direction of doors and windows enterprise, will cause “* risk of loss to the enterprise Jieting”. Without the general assembly, enterprises will not have the opportunity to leapfrog development.
Two doors and windows, middle-level suck
More than no generals, more terrible is that the middle of the enterprise there is no thinking, very incompetent. In some enterprises, medium and incompetent enterprises occupy 60~70% in China at least. Many people are studying the average life span of Chinese enterprises only 4~5 years, but do not know, 80% of the failure of enterprises are related to the middle incompetence.
Sanlu’s failure, many people say is the quality problem, and familiar with Sanlu people know, is the middle issue. The middle tier is the connecting link between the market and the top, and also the core force to implement and solve the market problems. If there is a problem at this level, it can be said that the day of closing is not far.
Three, only yourself, regardless of others
Selfishness seems to be a common problem in a Chinese door and window business ecosystem, unless the enterprise meets the right generals and middle class. The doors and windows enterprise egoistic phenomenon is very common, and dealers eat operating costs, part-time work to other companies, have their own shop, the cost of fraud, and related offenses, there is collusion while helping others secretly, etc..
Four, every day on paper
Passionate door and window entrepreneurs share a common trait: decision making. This decision is both quick and accurate. The key to achieving this ability is to capture the nature and focus of things. Countless entrepreneurs without passion manage meetings every day, studying the same problems every day, and without conclusions every day. Every day in a meeting every day, then you must empty talk about soldiers, is to inject genes to the decline of business.
Five, the boss likes flattery
Of today’s successful entrepreneurs, who doesn’t like flattery? The problem is that most successful people can tell what is meant by genuine praise and flattery. Under the love to flatter the boss usually has three purposes: one is to get from where you are going to give you a benefit; one is to the overhead into calumny; you. It can be said that such doors and windows enterprises in the future?
If we do not want to survive in the fierce market, then the doors and windows enterprises must keep in mind these five points, and promptly correct the bad style of the enterprise.

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